The business card

As a communications form, it is characterized by severe physical limitations and adamantly observed conventions. Its canvas measures a mere 2 inches by 3.5 inches. There is basic information — name, job title, contact info — you’re expected to include, and if you do include it, that can be enough.


Facebook profiles get revised (…). Tweets fade into the ether and avatars are put out to pasture, but real paper business cards,

these sturdy facsimiles of ourselves on custom-duplexed cardstock with metallic ink and die-cut rounded corners, are going to last forever,

tacked onto bulletin boards, tucked away in wallets, stuffed into filing cabinets, dumped into landfills and yet taking up space in the world, stunning evidence of our superior discernment and professionalism that generations yet unborn will marvel at.

via The Smart Set.

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at Techcrunch.

The four-slide sales pitch

A contest. Also, a great way to think through your elevator speech.

Three on elevator speeches

What it is, Formulas for composing one, and Do’s and Don’ts.

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Excellent guide to prepare your elevator speech – online elevator pitches The name came from “elevator,” as in “elevator pitch,” which is used to describe a brief overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. It’s typically delivered in the time span of an elevator ride. However, since our site is also an online marketplace of new ideas, and businesses formed around them, we also think of as a platform for inno-Vators. is located in San Francisco and Palo Alto. It was launched in June 2007 and is funded by angel investors (

Plenty of real-life cases to analyze and discuss…

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Real-world elevator pitches

Your elevator speech… the final frontier…

Excellent guide to prepare your elevator speech

Real-world elevator pitches

A source of many “real-world” elevator pitches, such as the following:

clipped from

buji is seeking both investors and certified fund-raising professionals in providing/securing a $3 million equity contribution to allow the company to extend its premier poison ivy product line into an expanded portfolio of active-body skin care products, focused on preventing common skin care conditions of active consumers. Market research, consumer trends and intuitive knowledge all reaffirm the business opportunity for establishing the first naturally-based active lifestyle skin care line in the mass market. The company, which was formed in July 2004 and has distribution at Rite Aid, REI and other accounts, is seeking its first equity capital raise. The company, which operates on an outsourcing platform, has been founder funded and financed and is seeking this infusion to expand its product line, grow distribution and fund marketing and operations.

A librarian’s elevator pitch

“If information is a jungle, the internet would be the tourist guidebook written by a person who has never been there. A librarian would be the guide who has lived there all his/her life. Sure, the guide book would give you some interesting possible facts about the jungle, but the librarian would get you through that jungle safely, and using the most efficient route while pointing out anything you’d want to know along the way.” (The Distant Librarian)