Visualizing empires decline

I am observing a surge in the management and organizations literature on the life and survival of corporations. I’m keeping a watchful eye on it and will report when relevant. In the meantime, here’s a visual refresher on the life and survival of empires.


the IKEA catalog at the cutting edge of technology: the bookbook

Information and parody. Well done!

The power of one

Since the 1970s Majuli islander Jadav Payeng has been planting trees in order to save his island. To date he has singlehandedly planted a forest larger than Central Park in New York City.


For the movie buffs, pair this story with the Oscar-winning The man who planted trees (L’homme qui plantait des arbres):


An elementary school teacher who teaches her students to focus on living a life that matters -video

A moment with a good teacher can give a lifetime of hope.

Best way to quit a job

“No hace faltar estudiar economía”

Se ganan cinco y se gasta uno. Eso es economía.

En 2007 dos abuelos de Soria dijeron que cuando no se vive así se acaba mal.

Y así fue.

Orson Welles on there being no dichotomy between work and life

I think that working is part of life, I don’t know how to distinguish between the two…

Work is an expression of life for me.

h/t Brain Pickings.