Business buzzwords generator at the WSJ

Our modest contribution to horizontally push the envelope for thought leaders: Business Buzzwords Generator


Is PowerPoint a blessing or a curse?

This professor’s class notes provide a thorough (and practical) answer that I recommend to students and professors.

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How NOT to use PowerPoint for comic relief.

Stuff: the whole story

Story of stuff

A 20-minute video that will surely trigger a much-needed debate in your classroom.

The Corporation (2003) – a documentary film

the-corporation.jpg The winner of several international prizes, The Corporation is a documentary film that is a good discussion tool for business students/professors and -one would hope- professionals.

It is based on the book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan.

Part 1 (with a promotional introduction):

and Part 2:

An extraordinary visual tool: Gapminder

Choose between a number of indicators, select which countries you want to show and then see the development over time.

Watch this 20-minute presentation from its developer at the TED conference 2007:

Go to for more information and other databases.

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HBS case on Wikipedia

can be found here.

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Visual literacy

It is as necessary to effective business communication as computer literacy is to effective business practice.


The Virtual Literacy website is an e-learning tutorial on visualization for communication, engineering and business. You also want to explore the International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA) website.


You cannot afford not to use the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods and this accompanying resource that documents each of the methods from the Periodic Table.

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